Business Manager at Veegil Media

Full Time7 months ago
Employment Information
The main goal of this role is to maximize efficiency, reduce costs and drive growth to positively impact our customers. The ideal candidate should possess a mix of strategy, technical, and communication skills, as this role involves managing every aspect of the business.

Chief responsibilities for this position include, but not limited to,
Strategy development and implementation
Business development (including partnerships, fundraising)
Financial analyses: market, competition and price
Develop and implement product, marketing, and sales strategies
Perform day-to-day administration of the business and ensure business continuity
Support of dynamic, fast-paced projects that span all phases of the software development lifecycle and media.
Report to Chief Executive Officer periodically and advise the organization on operations, new developments, findings and ways to improve efficiency and continually grow the organization.

Other Job Responsibilities are:

Payroll management
File taxes
Product and project management
Improve integration and streamline business operation.
Analyze data and provide business intelligence.
Coordinate business planning and strategy
Lead customer relationship management efforts
Direct sales and marketing efforts (including customer acquisition and retention, strategy, branding, advertisement, and content development)
Manage all company communications and communication operations both internal and external
Conduct Financial Administration including procurement, budgeting, and accounting
Effectively ensure business conformity and minimize the probability of exposure
Maintain up-to-date knowledge and understanding of policies, rules and regulations of the industry and government
Perform other duties as may be assigned from time to time.
As part of a small team, the candidate will participate in agile-based research of (new) product growth areas and implement them in our products to meet our customers' needs. You would share your creativity, expertise, and innovation, and have a hand in the decisions that affect the direction and performance of the entire company. You will be faced with a series of problem-solving situations on a daily basis that requires team coordination, risk/crisis management, and out-of-the-box thinking. In our efforts to become a more seamlessly web-integrated company, we are looking for top-notch candidates to join our team.
Elements we are looking for in a qualified candidate:
Thinks outside the box and is excited to re-imagine and seek how to improve existing strategies, workflows, and solutions
Excited to learn, research, unlearn and re-learn information, methods, and technologies and apply them to our challenging projects and environment
Revels at the opportunity to explore new and different fields and roles
Thrives within the freedom to design, manage and be responsible for the solutions they build
Has strong knowledge of business administration and follows current and trending developments
Embraces change and challenges and is an independent motivator towards improvement
Unrelenting in achieving high-quality output
Has sound judgment and ability to analyze situations and information
Possesses a creative, optimistic, positive attitude and CAN-DO mindset
Must be a cultural fit in a challenging and fast-paced environment
Must be self-motivated and highly productive with minimal or no supervision
Committed to upholding and realizing the organization's mission, vision, growth, and goals


Bsc in Accounting, Economics and other related fields.
Master's in Business Administration (MBA) will be considered an advantage.
Human Resource experience will be considered an added advantage
Knowledge of Information technology.

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