Demand Planner

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Employment Information
The Demand Planner is responsible for maintaining optimal stock levels, maximizing inventory profitability, and ensuring efficient inventory flow. This role involves analyzing sales data, managing procurement cycles, coordinating with vendors and category leaders, and implementing effective inventory management strategies.
Inventory Management

Maintain stock coverage levels per SKU and store while maximizing inventory profitability.
Study consumption trends based on sales figures to recommend optimal procurement cycles (quantities, frequencies, etc.).
Manage short-shelf-life products, damages, and inventory adjustments.
Own inter-store transfer processes.
Propose and implement plans to reduce overstock.

Procurement and Vendor Coordination

Appoint and guide orders and receipt schedules per brand and vendor.
Follow up with vendors on timely deliveries.
Communicate and follow up on return orders with all stakeholders.
Handle the supply chain for freight and clearance when importing.
Sort out discrepancies and claims with import vendors

System and Process Optimization

Collect product and vendor data needed by the system and the app, create item codes, and make timely modifications.
Create purchase and return orders in the system and communicate with vendors.
Formulate additional functions and reports via SAP in coordination with the technical team.
Set ongoing processes, methodologies, trackers, and metrics to optimize operational and automation levels.

Coordination and Collaboration

Coordinate with category leaders to fulfill promotional and seasonal deals, discontinue products, and optimize results.
Liaise with stores regarding schedules, quantities, stock-related, and delivery topics.
Support the technical department to establish joint objectives across all systems.
Coordinate with accounting on payables to vendors.


Bachelor’s degree in supply chain management, Business Administration, or a related field.
Minimum of 3 years of experience in demand planning, supply chain management, or a related field.
Proven track record in inventory management and procurement.
Strong analytical and data interpretation skills.
Excellent communication and vendor management abilities.
Proficiency in inventory management systems and tools (e.g., SAP).
Ability to lead and manage multiple projects simultaneously.
Strong organizational and problem-solving skills.
Detail-oriented and proactive.
Ability to adapt to changing market conditions.
Customer-focused with a strong sense of commercial acumen.