Experienced Pool & Gym instructors

Full Time2 weeks ago
Employment Information
Main function:                   

As a pool attendant: Help people of all ages learn to swim and instruct them on matters of water safety.
As a gym instructor: Assess people’s fitness and create personal exercise programme’s.

Reports Directly to: Operations Manager
Job description

You will assess the physical and health conditions of guests, create appropriate exercise plans, and monitor their improvement.
You will also explain applicable safety rules and regulations (e.g. use of equipment).
Identify the guest’s fitness level and health.
Oversee completion of exercise routines.
Track clients’ physical progress.
Modify exercise plans based on needs, potential injuries or health issues.
Conduct individual and group fitness training sessions.
Adopt a holistic training approach (e.g. cardiovascular exercise, strength).
Oversee the use of fitness equipment to ensure guests exercise properly and safely.
Refer to and promote fitness packages and plans.
Carry out First Aid and CPR if needed.
Follow safety and hygiene guidelines Requirements.
Knowledge of diverse exercises and how to adjust plans according to each guest’s needs.
Ability to instruct and motivate people.
Excellent communication skills.
Available to work on early or late shifts and on weekends.
Proven experience of CPR and First Aid
Any assigned task by the management.