Finance and Investment Analyst - Dexnova Consulting Limited

Full Time6 months ago
Employment Information
The company is looking for a Financial and Investment Analyst who will be responsible for providing machinery for recording financial transactions in such a manner as to comply with legal and statutory requirements.
They are to ensure that controls are in place to aid accountability and protect accounting records from theft, obsolesce or destruction.
Ensuring accurate recording of revenue / sales with adequate supporting documentation in line with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).
Guarantee accurate transaction and expense recording, along with sufficient accompanying documentation, so that management has trustworthy data in compliance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).


Examine and assess economic and market trends, earnings prospects, financial statements and various other indicators and factors to determine suitable investment strategies.
Look back at previous investment decisions and the thought process of making the investment decision.
Liaise with fund managers and network with industry professionals.
Monitor closely financial press and keep a track of market trends, opportunities, risks and new investment products.
Compile advisory reports and make informed recommendations on new investment opportunities and funds that could enhance or diversify portfolios.
Develop complex financial models and analyse legal documents.
Looking at current financial performance, identifying trends and providing recommendation for improvement.
Preparing reports and projections based on this analysis.
Evaluating current capital expenditures and depreciation.
Consulting with Management team to develop long-term commercial plans.
Exploring investment opportunities.
Establishing and evaluating profit plans.
Suggesting budgets and improvement based on financial information available Providing financial
models and forecasting.
Providing financial models and forecasting.
Coordinating with other members of the finance team to review financial information and forecasts.

Academic Qualification 

Bachelor’s degree in accounting, Banking & Finance, or its equivalent in any discipline.
Master’s degree is an added advantage.


10 years and above of experience in Finance, investment banking and accounting role and at least
5 years of experience in a senior management role.
Experience in working within the Oil & Gas Sector will be considered an important advantage.
Prior work experience showing increasing levels of responsibility with a focus on operations in a fast paced and entrepreneurial environment.

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