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The duties of a graduate trainee can vary depending on the industry and company, but generally, they involve:

Learning and Development: Actively participating in training programs to acquire industry-specific knowledge and skills.
Rotation: Engaging in rotations across different departments to gain exposure to various aspects of the business.
Project Support: Assisting with projects under the guidance of experienced colleagues to apply theoretical knowledge in practical situations.
Research: Conducting research to stay informed about industry trends, market conditions, and competitors.
Team Collaboration: Collaborating with team members and other departments to understand their functions and contribute effectively.
Documentation: Keeping records, preparing reports, and documenting experiences to track progress and share insights.
Mentorship: Seeking guidance from mentors and experienced professionals within the organization.
Continuous Learning:

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Graduate Trainee - FHON Consulting
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Graduate Trainee - FHON Consulting
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