Head of HR and Administration at Welcome2Africa

Full Time7 months ago
Employment Information
Job Summary

We are in search of a dynamic and seasoned professional to join our team as the Head of HR and Administration. The successful candidate will be entrusted with overseeing and elevating the human resources and administrative functions of the organization.
This pivotal role involves shaping and implementing HR strategies, managing day-to-day operations, and establishing efficient structures and processes to bolster the company's growth.


Strategic HR Leadership:

Develop and execute HR strategies aligned with the company's overall objectives.
Drive talent acquisition, retention, and succession planning initiatives.
Cultivate a positive workplace culture fostering employee engagement, satisfaction, and professional development.

Operations and Management:

Oversee the daily operations of the HR and Administration departments.
Implement effective management practices for seamless workflow and optimal performance.
Lead, mentor, and develop a high-performing HR and Admin team.

Structures and Processes:

Design and implement HR policies, procedures, and programs supporting organizational goals.
Establish and optimize administrative processes for enhanced efficiency and effectiveness.
Evaluate and recommend improvements to existing structures aligned with best practices.

Compliance and Risk Management:

Ensure compliance with relevant employment laws, regulations, and industry standards.
Mitigate HR and Admin related risks through the implementation of appropriate controls and protocols.

Employee Relations:

Serve as a point of contact for employee concerns and grievances, ensuring fair and timely resolution.
Foster open communication channels and positive relationships within the organization.

Budget Oversight:

Collaborate with finance teams to effectively manage HR and Admin budgets.
Identify cost saving opportunities and implement strategies for resource optimization.

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