Procurement and Administrative Officer

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Employment Information
Position Number: 50052201

Location: Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire

Position Grade: PL6
The Complex

The Senior Vice-Presidency (SNVP) is responsible for supporting the President in the day-to-day management of the Bank Group to achieve its strategic objective and drive performance culture that will align all processes and systems to deliver high impact results.
The SNVP will provide effective leadership and exceptional coordination to ensure implementation and monitoring of key corporate decisions as well as the identification of necessary corrective measures and actions.
The SNVP will lead Senior Management discussions, decision-making processes and the implementation of keyboard and Management decisions.

The Hiring Department

The Senior Vice President supervises the Fiduciary Services and Inspection Department (SNFI), which acts as the custodian of the procurement (including procurement for private and public partnership) and financial management (FM) profession, and has the following responsibilities for its functions: (i) developing and interpreting fiduciary policies, strategies  and related implementing documents, tools, guidance notes and manuals; (ii) preparing annual post review reports on the Bank’s FM and procurement operations for the Board; (iii) developing and implementing fiduciary capacity building strategy for internal and external clients; (iv) and dialoguing with external and global partners with a view to building partnerships and fostering harmonization; (v) providing the secretariat for the Procurement Review Committee (PRC); and (vi) inspecting and reporting on the performance of procurement and FM activities undertaken by the regions.

The Position

The Procurement and Administrative Officer will:

Provide Management with timely monitoring information, reports, budget statements and prepare regular follow up of KPIs along with budget execution; and budget-related annual activity reports.
Coordinate and assist fiduciary staff in the recruitment of consultants, under the administrative and capital budgets and Trust Funds, ensuring optimal use of consultants in line with the applicable rules and procedures as well as approved budgets.
Act as the budget focal person in SNFI department in charge of (i) coordinating the preparation the Departments’ and Divisions’ administrative budget based on the annual work programs agreed upon, and (ii) monitoring the use of resources by the Department cost centres according to the Bank’s rules and regulations.
Liaise with the Operations Complexes and Budget Department on a regular basis to ensure availability of budget to finance effective participation of fiduciary teams in the project cycle activities.

Key Functions

Under the supervision and guidance of the Director, the Procurement and Administrative Officer will:

Liaise with the SNFI department’s Front office and Divisions with a view to gathering information about the annual work programs, and prepare accordingly the department’s administrative budget;
Based on the operations-related divisions’ work programs, liaise with the operations Complexes Budget Focal point and SNVP Budget Coordinators to ensure availability of resources for providing effective fiduciary support during preparation and appraisal missions, including country strategy papers.
Provide administrative support, including the preparation of administrative and budget forms and processing of requests in SAP.
Liaise with the SNVP Budget Coordinator on a continuous basis to plan ahead on budget issues; identify and initiate measures for mobilization of additional resources and putting forth efficiency requirements.
Work with the Front Office and Division Managers to ensure proper programming and timely implementation of SNFI work program.
Coordinate and assist Fiduciary staff in the recruitment of consultants, under administrative and capital budgets, while ensuring optimal use of resources in line with budget regulations.
Provide administrative assistance to PL and GS staff in logistical arrangements for the planning of activities, preparation and execution of training activities, in accordance with budget provisions; including participation in missions as appropriate.
Advise Management in a timely manner to ensure maximization of departmental resource allocation.
Release regular updates of work program and budget utilisation levels based on the processing schedule.
Prepare informative annual activity reports; monthly KPls reports; and monthly budget execution reports; and ad hoc reports.
Manage the P-Card allocated to SNFI department.
Manage the process for the recruitment and use of consultants, payments of fees for services.
Manage the recruitment of short-term staff and all related administrative activities to ensure proper STS contract management.
Perform any other task entrusted by the Department’s Management.

Competencies (Skills, Experience and Knowledge)

Hold at least a Master's Degree in Finance, Accounting, Business Administration, Human Resources, Office Management, or any other related discipline combined with relevant experience.
Have a minimum of four (4) years relevant experience in Procurement and/or Budget management.
Good knowledge of the international development institutions’ budget management policies, guidelines, procedures, and strong ability to interpret institutional related policies, guidelines and procedures.
Proven knowledge of the Bank’s procurement rules and procedures for the recruitment of consultants under administrative and capital budgets and Trust Funds; disbursement procedures; and financial management guidelines and tools, is a must.
Solid background on budget process and financial reporting. Experience in international organizations will be an asset.
Good organizational and planning skills.
Strong customer service skills, ability to multitask, attention to detail and ability to work with a diverse workforce.
Ability to communicate effectively (written and oral) in English or French, preferably with a working knowledge of the other language. Proficiency in both languages of the Bank (English and French) is an asset.
Competence with standard MS Office software (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), preferably combined with knowledge and experience of SAP operations.