Quality Control / Assurance Officer

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Quality Control Management:

Develop and implement quality control processes, procedures, and policies related to local production and raw materials sourcing.
Establish quality standards and specifications for raw materials, ensuring they meet regulatory requirements and industry standards.
Collate raw materials for testing to verify their quality, composition, and compliance with specifications.
Monitor and evaluate production processes to identify any deviations from prescribed formulations, defects, or non-conformities and initiate corrective actions.
Collaborate with technical coordinator to establish quality checkpoints and ensure adherence to quality control protocols throughout the production cycle.

Raw Material Sourcing:

Identify and evaluate potential suppliers of raw materials, conducting thorough assessments of their capabilities, quality systems, and track record.
Conduct regular supplier audits and assessments to ensure compliance with quality requirements.
Collaborate with procurement team to source raw materials that meet quality specifications and comply with regulatory standards.

Continuous Improvement:

Identify opportunities for process optimization and quality enhancement in local production and raw materials sourcing.
Conduct root cause analysis and implement corrective and preventive actions to address quality issues and prevent their recurrence.
Stay updated with industry best practices, and regulatory changes, and apply this knowledge to improve quality control processes.

Compliance and Regulatory Affairs:

Stay abreast of relevant regulations, standards, and guidelines governing production.
Collaborate with technical regulatory affairs officer to provide necessary documentation and support during audits and inspections by regulatory authorities.
Stay updated with changes in regulations and communicate necessary adjustments to the organization.
Investigate and manage non-conformance incidents, conducting root cause analysis and implementing corrective and preventive actions.
Maintain comprehensive documentation related to quality control activities, including test results, inspection reports, non-conformance incidents, and corrective actions taken.

Administrative Support:

Providing administrative support to the production and quality control teams.
Managing correspondence, emails, and phone calls related to production and quality control.
Ordering and maintaining office supplies and equipment.
Maintaining and updating quality control documentation and records.
Monitoring and managing inventory levels of raw materials and finished products.
Coordinating with suppliers for timely procurement of materials.